Travis Freidman

University of New Hampshire
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
10 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824-234

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Institutional Affiliation: University of New Hampshire

NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2018Traumatic Health Shocks and Spiritual Capital
with Resul Cesur, Joseph J. Sabia: w24954
While the relationship between adverse health shocks and health care utilization has been studied extensively, next to nothing is known about the effect of health shocks on religiosity, which may serve as an alternative to secular psychological services and interventions. Filling this gap in knowledge is important given that religious-based psychological counseling services have grown substantially in recent decades, and the relative mental health benefits of religion as compared to secular counseling services are not well-known. This study uses the setting of war to study the impact of health trauma on religiosity. Exploiting the administrative procedures by which U.S. Armed Forces senior commanders conditionally randomly assign active-duty servicemen to war deployments as a natural exper...

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