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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2008Political Centralization and Urban Primacy: Evidence from National and Provincial Capitals in the Americas
with Sebastian Galiani
in Understanding Long-Run Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and the Knowledge Economy, Dora L. Costa and Naomi R. Lamoreaux, editors
March 2008Caste, Kinship and Sex Ratios in India
with Tanika Chakraborty: w13828
September 2007Institutions and U.S. Regional Development: A Study of Massachusetts and Virginia

Published: Kim, Sukkoo, 2009. "Institutions and US regional development: a study of Massachusetts and Virginia," Journal of Institutional Economics, Cambridge University Press, vol. 5(02), pages 181-205, August.

February 2007Immigration, Industrial Revolution and Urban Growth in the United States, 1820-1920: Factor Endowments, Technology and Geography
October 2006British Colonial Institutions and Economic Development in India
with Shilpi Kapur: w12613
May 2006Division of Labor and the Rise of Cities: Evidence from U.S. Industrialization, 1850-1880

Published: Sukkoo Kim, 2006. "Division of labor and the rise of cities: evidence from US industrialization, 1850--1880," Journal of Economic Geography, Oxford University Press, vol. 6(4), pages 469-491, August.

March 2005Industrialization and Urbanization: Did the Steam Engine Contribute to the Growth of Cities in the United States?

Published: Kim, Sukkoo. "Industrialization And Urbanization: Did The Steam Engine Contribute To The Growth Of Cities In The United States?," Explorations in Economic History, 2005, v42(4,Oct), 586-598.

May 2004Specialization and Regulation: The Rise of Professionals and the Emergence of Occupational Licensing Regulation
with Marc T. Law: w10467

Published: Law, Marc T. and Sukkoo Kim. "Specialization And Regulation: The Rise Of Professionals And The Emergence Of Occupational Licensing Regulation," Journal of Economic History, 2005, v65(3,Sep), 723-756. citation courtesy of

March 2003Historical Perspectives on U.S. Economic Geography
with Robert A. Margo: w9594

Published: Kim, Sukkoo & Margo, Robert A., 2004. "Historical perspectives on U.S. economic geography," Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, in: J. V. Henderson & J. F. Thisse (ed.), Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, edition 1, volume 4, chapter 66, pages 2981-3019 Elsevier.

March 2002The Reconstruction of the American Urban Landscape in the Twentieth Century
April 2001Markets and Multiunit Firms from an American Historical Perspective

Published: Advances in Strategic Management v. 18. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2001.

May 1999Urban Development in the United States, 1690-1990

Published: Kim, Sukko. "Urban Development In The United States, 1690-1990," Southern Economic Journal, 2000, v66(4,Apr), 855-880.

February 1998The Rise of Multiunit Firms in U.S. Manufacturing

Published: Sukkoo Kim, 1999. "The Rise of Multiunit Firms in U.S. Manufacturing," Explorations in Economic History, vol 36(4), pages 360-386.

December 1997Regions, Resources, and Economic Geography: Sources of U.S. Regional Comparative Advantage, 1880-1987

Published: Sukkoo Kim, 1999. "Regions, resources, and economic geography: Sources of U.S. regional comparative advantage, 1880–1987," Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol 29(1), pages 1-32.

Economic Integration and Convergence: U.S. Regions, 1840-1987

Published: Sukkoo Kim, 1998. "Economic Integration and Convergence: U.S. Regions, 1840–1987," The Journal of Economic History, vol 58(03), pages 659-683.

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