Stefania Albanesi

Department of Economics
University of Pittsburgh
4901 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
NBER Program Affiliations: EFG
NBER Affiliation: Research Associate
Institutional Affiliations: University of Pittsburgh and CEPR

NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2019Predicting Consumer Default: A Deep Learning Approach
with Domonkos F. Vamossy: w26165
March 2019Changing Business Cycles: The Role of Women's Employment
August 2018Insolvency After the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform
with Jaromir Nosal: w24934
August 2017The Gender Unemployment Gap
with Ayşegül Şahin: w23743

Published: Stefania Albanesi & Ayşegül Şahin, 2018. "The gender unemployment gap," Review of Economic Dynamics, .

Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative
with Giacomo De Giorgi, Jaromir Nosal: w23740
July 2010Maternal Health and the Baby Boom
with Claudia Olivetti: w16146

Published: “Maternal Health and the Baby Boom,” Quantitative Economics, July 2014, Vol. 5 (2), with Stefania Albanesi. citation courtesy of

April 2009Comment on "Marriage and Divorce since World War II: Analyzing the Role of Technological Progress on the Formation of Households"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2008, Volume 23, Daron Acemoglu, Kenneth Rogoff and Michael Woodford, editors
Gender Roles and Medical Progress
with Claudia Olivetti: w14873

Published: Stefania Albanesi & Claudia Olivetti, 2016. "Gender Roles and Medical Progress," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 124(3), pages 000 - 000. citation courtesy of

November 2007Intertemporal Distortions in the Second best
with Roc Armenter: w13629

Published: Stefania Albanesi & Roc Armenter, 2012. "Intertemporal Distortions in the Second Best," Review of Economic Studies, Oxford University Press, vol. 79(4), pages 1271-1307. citation courtesy of

June 2007Gender Roles and Technological Progress
with Claudia Olivetti: w13179
August 2006Optimal Taxation of Entrepreneurial Capital with Private Information
May 2006Home Production, Market Production and the Gender Wage Gap: Incentives and Expectations
with Claudia Olivetti: w12212


April 2002Expectation Traps and Monetary Policy
with V.V. Chari, Lawrence J. Christiano: w8912

Published: Albanesi, Stefania, V. V. Chari and Lawrence J. Christiano. "Expectation Traps And Monetary Policy," Review of Economic Studies, 2003, v70(4,Oct), 715-741. citation courtesy of

February 2001How Severe is the Time Inconsistency Problem in Monetary Policy?
with V.V. Chari, Lawrence J. Christiano: w8139

Published: Albanesi, Stefania, V. V. Chari and Lawrence J. Christiano. "How Severe Is The Time-Inconsistency Problem In Monetary Policy?," FRB Minneapolis - Quarterly Review, 2003, v27(3,Summer), 17-33. citation courtesy of

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