Richard Chaykowski

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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 1992Male Jobs, Female Jobs, and Gender Gaps in Benefits Coverage
with Janet Currie: w4106
Using contract-level data from the Canadian province of Ontario, we show that workers in predominately female bargaining units have more generous leave provisions but are less likely to have pension coverage than workers in similar predominantly male bargaining units. These differences persist when wages in the bargaining unit are controlled for. We explore the gender differences in pension coverage using a large cross-section of individual-level data and show that for women, lack of pension coverage is explained by gender gaps in wages and tenure which are themselves associated with marriage and child bearing. Finally, we assess the extent to which these findings are consistent with two alternative models of sex-segregation: Labor market discrimination, or a model in which segregation ari...

Published: Research in Labor Economics, Summer 1995

1988On Estimating the Effects of Increased Aid to Education
with Ronald G. Ehrenberg
in When Public Sector Workers Unionize, Richard B. Freeman and Casey Ichniowski, editors

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