Raluca Elena Buia

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November 2019The Evolution of Incentives for Retirement in Italy, 1980–2015
with Agar Brugiavini, Giacomo Pasini, Guglielmo Weber
in Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: Reforms and Retirement Incentives, Axel Börsch-Supan and Courtney Coile, editors
This chapter discusses the labor force participation reversal at older ages over the recent decades and relates it to pension reforms, that were particularly relevant in Italy since the early 1990s. It computes retirement financial incentive measures in the public pension system and shows how these vary by age, year, income and education. It also shows how the incentives system depends on the specific features of the earnings profiles of Italian workers by comparing them with those that would obtain if the earnings profiles were as in the common case considered in this volume.

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