Min Qiang Zhao

Room A201, Economics Building
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics
Xiamen University
Xiamen 361005
Fujian, P.R.China

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Institutional Affiliation: Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2016Evaluating Economy-Wide Benefit Cost Analyses
with V. Kerry Smith: w22769
This paper examines a new strategy for evaluating whether the size of a new environmental regulation requires that benefit cost analyses consider general equilibrium effects. Size in the context refers to both the magnitude and distribution of cost increases across sectors and the benefits attributed to the rules. Rogerson’s [2008] static, general equilibrium model describing how tax policy affects time allocations between market and non-market activities is extended to include air pollution as a non-separable element in the representative household’s preferences. The paper makes three contributions to the literature. First, the calibrated parameters of the model are used to evaluate how the introduction of air quality, as a non-separable, external influence on the household’s non-market a...
August 2013The Rise of Services: the Role of Skills, Scale, and Female Labor Supply
with Francisco J. Buera, Joseph P. Kaboski: w19372
This paper quantifies the roles of increases in the demand for skill-intensive output, the efficient scale of service production, and female labor supply in the growth of services. We extend the Buera and Kaboski (2012a,b) model to a two-person household, incorporating a joint decision on home and market production, and allow for skill and sectoral biased technology progress. The rising scale of services, the rising demand for skill-intensive output, and skill-biased technical change all play dominant roles. Furthermore, the extended model explains the majority of the increase in female labor supply, which also plays a role in services growth.

Published: Francisco J. Buera & Joseph P. Kaboski & Min Qiang Zhao, 2019. "The Rise of Services: The Role of Skills, Scale, and Female Labor Supply," Journal of Human Capital, vol 13(2), pages 157-187.

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