Micael Castanheira

50 Av. F.D. Roosevelt
1050 Brussels, Belgium

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Institutional Affiliation: Universite libre de Bruxelles (ECARES)

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2018Electoral Systems and Inequalities in Government Interventions
with Garance Genicot ⓡ, Laurent Bouton ⓡ: w25205
This paper studies the political determinants of inequality in government interventions under the majoritarian and proportional representation systems. Using a model of electoral competition with targetable government intervention and heterogeneous localities, we uncover a novel relative electoral sensitivity effect in majoritarian systems. This effect, which depends on the geographic distribution of voters, can incentivize parties to allocate resources more equally under majoritarian systems than proportional representation systems. This contrasts with the conventional wisdom that government interventions are more unequal in majoritarian systems.
March 2018A Theory of Small Campaign Contributions
with Laurent Bouton, Allan Drazen: w24413
We propose a theory of small campaign contributions driven by an electoral motive, i.e., the desire to influence election outcomes. Though small donors take as given the actions of others, strategic interactions induce patterns consistent with empirical findings, e.g., election closeness and underdog effects. We also study different forms of campaign finance laws, and show why caps should be combined with a progressive tax on contributions. Next, we introduce large donors and show that several conclusions in the literature may be significantly modified by the interaction with small donors. Throughout, we discuss the empirical implications of our findings.

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