Junzi He

Institute of Labor Union Studies
Beijing Federation of Trade Union Cadres College

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Institutional Affiliation: China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research

NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2016Regional Distribution and Dynamics of Human Capital in China 1985-2014: Education, Urbanization, and Aging of the Population
with Haizheng Li, Qinyi Liu, Barbara M. Fraumeni, Xiang Zheng: w22906
Given the challenges in quantifying the role of human capital on economic development, measuring human capital itself becomes an important issue. It is desirable to have a comprehensive human capital measure that goes beyond the traditional measures based on education attainment, yet is relatively simple to obtain. In this study, we apply the Jorgenson-Fraumeni human capital measurement framework and modify it to estimate provincial level human capital in China. We produce a provincial level panel dataset from 1985 to 2014 that is ready to use, with various J-F based and traditional human capital measures. We then combine the provinces into four different regions that are at different stages of economic development and discuss the regional pattern and trend of human capital, as well as the...

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