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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2010Comment on "The Effect of Population Aging on the Aggregate Labor Market"
in Labor in the New Economy, Katharine G. Abraham, James R. Spletzer, and Michael Harper, editors
January 2010Health Care, Health Insurance, and the Distribution of American Incomes
with Pavel Svaton
in Frontiers in Health Policy Research, volume 13, David Cutler, Alan Garber, Dana Goldman, and William Vogt, organizers
November 1981"Double Dipping": The Combined Effects of Social Security and Civil Service Pensions on Employee Retirement
with Jerry A. Hausman: w0800
We consider the retirement behavior of civilian employees of the United States government. Unlike previous studies, this investigation is based upon a data set containing fairly complete and accurate information about the Social Security and employer-provided pensions for which employees are (or ultimately will be) eligible. These data permit us to specify the financial aspects of individual retirement decisions with a reasonable degree of precision. A large fraction of civil service pensioners is eligible to receive Social Security benefits because a part of their working careers was spent in Social-Security-covered employment. The prevalence of double pension coverage among government employees has raised serious equity questions about the treatment of civil servants by Social Security, ...

Published: Burtless, Gary and Hausman, Jerry A. "'Double Dipping': The Combined Effects of Social Security and Civil Service Pensions on Employee Retirement." Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 18 (1982), pp. 139-159. citation courtesy of

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