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NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2010Evaluating the Effectiveness of National Labor Relations Act Remedies: Analysis and Comparison with Other Workplace Penalty Policies
with Morris M. Kleiner: w16626
The goal of this paper is to examine the implied penalty policies underlying the remedies created by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in terms of the policies' impact on employer and union behaviors. We present a simple model of deterrence as a means of evaluating workplace penalty policies in terms of their influence on employer behavior, particularly through deterrence effects. We also compare the remedies for violations embodied in the NLRA with penalty policies under other workplace legislation, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We then evaluate the size of financial costs for violations against individuals of specific provisions of the NLRA by firms and unions for the period 2000-2009. We show that the implied penalties are mod...

Published: “ Evaluating the Effectiveness of N ational Labor Relations Act Remedies : Analysis and Comparis on with Other Workplace Penalty Polic ies, ” with D. Weil, in Research Handbook on the Economics of Labor and Employment Law , ed. C. Estlund and M. Wachter, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd . 2012, pp. 209 - 247 . Also NBER Working Paper 16626.

December 2004Individual Rights and Collective Agents. The Role of Old and New Workplace Institutions in the Regulation of Labor Markets
in Emerging Labor Market Institutions for the Twenty-First Century, Richard B. Freeman, Joni Hersch and Lawrence Mishel, editors

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