Alexander Wolitzky

Department of Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142-1347

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Institutional Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2018A Theory of Equality Before the Law
with Daron Acemoglu: w24681
August 2015Sustaining Cooperation: Community Enforcement vs. Specialized Enforcement
with Daron Acemoglu: w21457

Published: Daron Acemoglu & Alexander Wolitzky, 2020. "Sustaining Cooperation: Community Enforcement versus Specialized Enforcement," Journal of the European Economic Association, vol 18(2), pages 1078-1122.

April 2014Capital Taxation under Political Constraints
with Florian Scheuer: w20043

Published: Florian Scheuer & Alexander Wolitzky, 2016. "Capital Taxation under Political Constraints," American Economic Review, vol 106(8), pages 2304-2328. citation courtesy of

July 2012Cycles of Distrust: An Economic Model
with Daron Acemoglu: w18257
December 2009The Economics of Labor Coercion
with Daron Acemoglu: w15581

Published: Daron Acemoglu & Alexander Wolitzky, 2011. "The Economics of Labor Coercion," Econometrica, Econometric Society, vol. 79(2), pages 555-600, 03. citation courtesy of

August 2009A Search Cost Model of Obfuscation
with Glenn Ellison: w15237

Published: Glenn Ellison & Alexander Wolitzky, 2012. "A search cost model of obfuscation," RAND Journal of Economics, RAND Corporation, vol. 43(3), pages 417-441, 09. citation courtesy of

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