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New York University
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New York, NY 10012

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NBER Affiliation: Research Associate
Institutional Affiliation: New York University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020The Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. Small Businesses: Evidence from Owners, Managers, and Employees
with Georgij Alekseev, Safaa Amer, Manasa Gopal, JW Schneider, Johannes Stroebel, Nils C. Wernerfelt: w27833
June 2020Social Proximity to Capital: Implications for Investors and Firms
with Yan Li, Lin Peng, Johannes Stroebel, Dexin Zhou: w27299
April 2020The Geographic Spread of COVID-19 Correlates with the Structure of Social Networks as Measured by Facebook
with Dominic Russel, Johannes Stroebel: w26990
International Trade and Social Connectedness
with Michael Bailey, Abhinav Gupta, Sebastian Hillenbrand, Robert J. Richmond, Johannes Stroebel: w26960
July 2019Social Connectedness in Urban Areas
with Michael Bailey, Patrick Farrell, Johannes Stroebel: w26029

Published: Michael Bailey & Patrick Farrell & Theresa Kuchler & Johannes Stroebel, 2020. "Social Connectedness in Urban Areas," Journal of Urban Economics, .

May 2019Peer Effects in Product Adoption
with Michael Bailey, Drew M. Johnston, Johannes Stroebel, Arlene Wong: w25843
August 2018Sticking to Your Plan: The Role of Present Bias for Credit Card Paydown
with Michaela Pagel: w24881

Published: Theresa Kuchler & Michaela Pagel, 2020. "Sticking to Your Plan: The Role of Present Bias for Credit Card Paydown," Journal of Financial Economics, .

November 2017House Price Beliefs And Mortgage Leverage Choice
with Michael Bailey, Eduardo Dávila, Johannes Stroebel: w24091

Published: Michael Bailey & Eduardo Dávila & Theresa Kuchler & Johannes Stroebel, 2019. "House Price Beliefs And Mortgage Leverage Choice," The Review of Economic Studies, vol 86(6), pages 2403-2452.

July 2017Measuring Social Connectedness
with Michael Bailey, Ruiqing (Rachel) Cao, Johannes Stroebel, Arlene Wong: w23608
May 2016Social Networks and Housing Markets
with Michael Bailey, Ruiqing Cao, Johannes Stroebel: w22258
September 2011Learning from Seller Experiments in Online Markets
with Liran Einav, Jonathan D. Levin, Neel Sundaresan: w17385

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