Possible Trouble Spots for Full Text Downloads of NBER Working Papers

General overview:

The path to a full-text download is through a ``bibliographic page'' that is available for each working paper. You can get to that page via a search engine (see www.nber.org/papers) or via static html pages by JEL class (see papers.nber.org/jel), NBER program name (at papers.nber.org/papersbyprog) or from the ``New this week'' page However you get to the bibliographic page, the procedure for obtaining the full text is the same. You select on ``Full-Text'' above the abstract and select one of the listed options.

Single Copy Sales

Papers are available through an arrangement with ssrn.com for order processing and fullfillment.

The order basket is like many other such systems, and will ask for the credit card number, addresses, etc. If you ask for electronic delivery, this will be done, in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Reader to read or print the paper. Problems with delivery should be addressed to nbersupport@ssrn.com.

Site Authorizations

Authorized users (including online subscribers) of the working paper series and sites with domain names in ``.GOV'' or in developing countries and transition economies may download papers for free. No order basket is used is this case; rather, buttons for full-text delivery are place on the abstract page. If the paper is not offered, then the paper is not visible to the search engine. This is probably because the paper is too old or too new to be have been made available, but it could just be a temporary computer failure. If the button is visible, just select it to view the paper. If the paper is offered for single copy sales, but there is no free download button, then your computer is not recognized by ours as an authorized site.

Subscribers are recognized by network number, domain name, or individual login.

What could go wrong?

If you can't find the paper in our database, there are several possibilities:

If you aren't offered the full-text download, the most likely explanations are:

If you are offered a full-text download, but can't view the file, likely problems are:

If you can view and print the file, but can't save it to view latter:

If you purchased a single copy and did not receive any emailed invoice from SSRN, the problem is likely:

If you purchase a single copy for email delivery, likely problems include those discussed in the previous sections, plus:

Both of the last two problems can be worked around by using the URL sent to you in the emailed invoice.

If you can view the paper, but not print it (or not all of it), the most likely problems are:

If the paper looks wrong - missing pages, missing characters, missing figures or other production problems:

If you still need help, send an email message to wwp@nber.org with the host name and/or IP address of the computer you are using, the number of the working paper you are having difficulty with, and the time of the failure (in New York). We can look up the log and perhaps diagnose the problem, or save it for our programmer. Be sure to tell us if the problem seems to be specific to a particular working paper, and if any other computers on the same network can successfully obtain the papers.

If you have ordered the same paper several times in a single short session, the SSRN.com clerk will probably notice and cancel the duplicate bills. But you might want to send a message to nbersupport@ssrn.com.

If you are a subscriber, or otherwise entitled to free downloads, do not use the order basket. It will send a bill. You should be offered a download directly after selecting ``Full-Text'' on the bibliographic page.

When sending email about downloading problems, please remember to include the working paper number and the time of day in New York.

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