NBER Staff

Cambridge Office

Accounting and
Financial Administration

Kelly Horak, Controller
Mui Cheung
Morgan Freeman
Tracei Gamble
Ester Gorospe
Steve Harriman

Carl Beck, Director
Lita Kimble
Brett Maranjian
Rob Shannon

Denis Healy, Director

Human Resources
Diane Birnbaum, Director

Information and
Research Systems

Alex Aminoff
Daniel Feenberg
Leonard McCain
Debby Nicholson
Mohan Ramanujan
Inna Shapiro
Office Management
Lisa Ursino, Manager
Elizabeth Adams, Reception

Office of the President
James Poterba, President and CEO
Magdalen Blankenship
Norma McEvoy

Public Information
Charles A. Radin, Director
Kevin Tasley, Communications Assistant

Publications and

Laura Bethard
Helena Fitz-Patrick
Tim Page

Research and
Grants Management

Alterra Milone, Director
Sarah Holmes Berk
Kristen Kenny
Cecilia Lang
Alison Oaxaca
Elisa Pepe
Janet Stein
Joan Stillwell
Maggie Warner
Brian Young

New York Office

Michael Grossman, Director
Marinella Moscheni

National Bureau of Economic Research
1050 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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