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NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2017Designing Women: Consumer Goods Innovations in Britain, France and the United States, 1750-1900
Prestige and Profit: The Royal Society of Arts and Incentives for Innovation, 1750-1850
Related Investing: Corporate Ownership and Capital Mobilization during Early Industrialization
July 2015Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy

Published: B. Zorina Khan, 2015. "Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy," Business History Review, vol 89(04), pages 631-660.

February 2015The Impact of War on Resource Allocation: 'Creative Destruction' and the American Civil War

Published: B. Zorina Khan, 2015. "The Impact of War on Resource Allocation: “Creative Destruction,” Patenting, and the American Civil War," Journal of Interdisciplinary History, vol 46(3), pages 315-353.

‘To Have and Have Not’: Are Rich Litigious Plaintiffs Favored in Court?
January 2015Knowledge, Human Capital and Economic Development: Evidence from the British Industrial Revolution, 1750-1930

Published: Khan, B.Z. Cliometrica (2017). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11698-017-0163-z

Invisible Women: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Firms in France during Early Industrialization
December 2014Inventing in the Shadow of the Patent System: Evidence from 19th-Century Patents and Prizes for Technological Innovations
Of Time and Space: Technological Spillovers among Patents and Unpatented Innovations during Early U.S. Industrialization
December 2010Looking Backward: Founding Choices in Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection
in Founding Choices: American Economic Policy in the 1790s, Douglas A. Irwin and Richard Sylla, editors
November 2008Premium Inventions: Patents and Prizes as Incentive Mechanisms in Britain and the United States, 1750-1930
in Understanding Long-Run Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and the Knowledge Economy, Dora L. Costa and Naomi R. Lamoreaux, editors
December 2004Institutions and Technological Innovation During the Early Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Inventors of the United States, 1790-1930
with Kenneth L. Sokoloff: w10966

Published: Khan, B. Zorina and Kenneth L. Sokoloff. "Institutions And Democratic Invention In 19th-Century American: Evidence From 'Great Inventors,' 1790-1930," American Economic Review, 2004, v94(2,May), 395-401.

March 2004Technological Innovations and Endogenous Changes in U.S. Legal Institutions, 1790-1920
February 2004Does Copyright Piracy Pay? The Effects of U.S. International Copyright Laws on the Market for Books, 1790-1920
April 1999Legal Monopoly: Patents and Antitrust Litigation in U.S. Manufacturing, 1970-1998
October 1992'Schemes of Practical Utility': Entrepreneurship and Innovation Among 'Great Inventors' in the United States, 1790-1865
with Kenneth L. Sokoloff: h0042

Published: Journal of Economic History, vo. 53, no. 2, pp. 289-307

December 1989The Democratization of Invention During Early Industrialization: Evidence from the United States, 1790-1846
with Kenneth L. Sokoloff: h0010

Published: Journal of Economic History, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 363-378, June 1990.

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