Youssef Benzarti

Department of Economics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

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NBER Affiliation: Faculty Research Fellow
Institutional Affiliation: University of California at Santa Barbara

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Can Payroll Tax Cuts Help Firms During Recessions?
with Jarkko Harju: w27485
January 2020Using Payroll Tax Variation to Unpack the Black Box of Firm-Level Production
with Jarkko Harju: w26640
October 2019Playing Hide and Seek: How Lenders Respond to Borrower Protection
August 2019Do Value-Added Taxes Affect International Trade Flows? Evidence from 30 Years of Tax Reforms
with Alisa Tazhitdinova: w26195
March 2019Does Mandating Social Insurance Affect Entrepreneurial Activity?
with Jarkko Harju, Tuomas Matikka: w25651

Published: Youssef Benzarti & Jarkko Harju & Tuomas Matikka, 2020. "Does Mandating Social Insurance Affect Entrepreneurial Activity?," American Economic Review: Insights, vol 2(2), pages 255-268. citation courtesy of

October 2017How Taxing Is Tax Filing? Using Revealed Preferences to Estimate Compliance Costs.
September 2017What Goes Up May Not Come Down: Asymmetric Incidence of Value-Added Taxes
with Dorian Carloni, Jarkko Harju, Tuomas Kosonen: w23849
Who Really Benefits from Consumption Tax Cuts? Evidence from a Large VAT Reform in France.
with Dorian Carloni: w23848

Published: Youssef Benzarti & Dorian Carloni, 2019. "Who Really Benefits from Consumption Tax Cuts? Evidence from a Large VAT Reform in France," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol 11(1), pages 38-63. citation courtesy of

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