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Concordia University
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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2017Mispriced Index Option Portfolios
with George M. Constantinides, Michal Czerwonko: w23708
The optimal portfolio of a utility-maximizing investor trading in the S&P 500 index and cash, subject to proportional transaction costs, becomes stochastically dominated when overlaid with a zero-net-cost portfolio of S&P 500 options bought at their ask and written at their bid price in most months over 1990-2013. Dominance is prevalent when the ATM-IV is high, right skew is low, and option maturity is short. The portfolios include mostly calls and positions are overwhelmingly short. Similar results obtain with options on the CAC and DAX indices. The results are explained neither by priced factors nor a non-monotonic stochastic discount factor.

Published: George M. Constantinides & Michal Czerwonko & Stylianos Perrakis, 2020. "Mispriced index option portfolios," Financial Management, vol 49(2), pages 297-330.

August 2010Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Risk Averse Investors? Empirical Evidence
with George M. Constantinides, Michal Czerwonko, Jens Carsten Jackwerth: w16302
American options on the S&P 500 index futures that violate the stochastic dominance bounds of Constantinides and Perrakis (2007) from 1983 to 2006 are identified as potentially profitable trades. Call bid prices more frequently violate their upper bound than put bid prices do, while violations of the lower bounds by ask prices are infrequent. In out of sample tests of stochastic dominance, the writing of options that violate the upper bound increases the expected utility of any risk averse investor holding the market and cash, net of transaction costs and bid ask spreads. The results are economically significant and robust.

Published: George M. Constantinides & Michal Czerwonko & Jens Carsten Jackwerth & Stylianos Perrakis, 2011. "Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Riskā€Averse Investors? Empirical Evidence," Journal of Finance, American Finance Association, vol. 66(4), pages 1407-1437, 08. citation courtesy of

December 2008Mispricing of S&P 500 Index Options
with George M. Constantinides, Jens Carsten Jackwerth: w14544
Widespread violations of stochastic dominance by one-month S&P 500 index call options over 1986-2006 imply that a trader can improve expected utility by engaging in a zero-net-cost trade net of transaction costs and bid-ask spread. Although pre-crash option prices conform to the Black-Scholes-Merton model reasonably well, they are incorrectly priced if the distribution of the index return is estimated from time-series data. Substantial violations by post-crash OTM calls contradict the notion that the problem primarily lies with the left-hand tail of the index return distribution and that the smile is too steep. The decrease in violations over the post-crash period 1988-1995 is followed by a substantial increase over 1997-2006 which may be due to the lower quality of the data but, in any...

Published: Review of Financial Studies, March 2009 citation courtesy of

March 2002Stochastic Dominance Bounds on Derivative Prices in a Multiperiod Economy with Proportional Transaction Costs
with George M. Constantinides: w8867
By applying stochastic dominance arguments, upper bounds on the reservation write price of European calls and puts and lower bounds on the reservation purchase price of these derivatives are derived in the presence of proportional transaction costs incurred in trading the underlying security. The primary contribution is the derivation of bounds when intermediate trading in the underlying security is allowed over the life of the option. A tight upper bound is derived on the reservation write price of a call and a tight lower bound is derived on the reservation purchase price of a put. These results jointly impose tight upper and lower bounds on the implied volatility.

Published: Constantinides, George M. & Perrakis, Stylianos, 2002. "Stochastic dominance bounds on derivatives prices in a multiperiod economy with proportional transaction costs," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Elsevier, vol. 26(7-8), pages 1323-1352, July. citation courtesy of

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