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February 2019Employer Concerns and Responses to an Aging Workforce
with Robert L. Clark, Beth Ritter, John B. Shoven: w25572
Economist and public policy analysts have devoted considerable research to examining the work and retirement decisions of employees. Much less effort has been spent on understanding the concerns and challenges of employers if their workers delay retirement and remain on the job until older ages. In this study, we report findings from three employer surveys with the objective of learning how organizations are responding to the aging of their workforces. The surveys provide several important observations. First, employer concerns about workforce aging vary considerably across the economy. To some firms, these demographic changes are of immediate concern and are viewed as a significant risk to the organization while other firms remain more concerned about potential productivity and cost ...

Published: Robert L. Clark & Steven Nyce & Beth Ritter & John Shoven, 2019. "Employer Concerns and Responses to an Aging Workforce," The Journal of Retirement, vol 6(4), pages 82-99.

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