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Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
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90478 Nuremberg

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Institutional Affiliation: Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

NBER Working Papers and Publications

March 2016Management Practices, Workforce Selection and Productivity
with Stefan Bender, Nicholas Bloom, David Card, John Van Reenen: w22101
Recent research suggests that much of the cross-firm variation in measured productivity is due to differences in use of advanced management practices. Many of these practices – including monitoring, goal setting, and the use of incentives – are mediated through employee decision-making and effort. To the extent that these practices are complementary with workers’ skills, better-managed firms will tend to recruit higher-ability workers and adopt pay practices to retain these employees. We use a unique data set that combines detailed survey data on the management practices of German manufacturing firms with longitudinal earnings records for their employees to study the relationship between productivity, management, worker ability, and pay. As documented by Bloom and Van Reenen (2007) there ...

Published: Stefan Bender & Nicholas Bloom & David Card & John Van Reenen & Stefanie Wolter, 2018. "Management Practices, Workforce Selection, and Productivity," Journal of Labor Economics, vol 36(S1), pages S371-S409. citation courtesy of

November 2015Management Practices, Workforce Selection, and Productivity
with Stefan Bender, Nicholas Bloom, David Card, John Van Reenen
in Firms and the Distribution of Income: The Roles of Productivity and Luck, Edward Lazear and Kathryn Shaw, organizers

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