Siyang Li

State University of New York at Albany
Economics Department
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222

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Institutional Affiliation: University at Albany

NBER Working Papers and Publications

March 2018Malpractice Reform and the Sorting of New Physicians by Medical Human Capital
with Pinka Chatterji, Gerald R. Marschke: w24401
We test whether state malpractice reforms differentially attract physicians whose human capital attributes may predispose them towards higher-than-average malpractice risk and lower quality patient care. Using an exit survey of physicians completing residencies between 1998 and 2017, we estimate willingness-to-pay to locate their first practice in a malpractice-reformed state. We find physicians are willing to forego on average about $11 in hourly wages to locate in a reform state. Training in a high vs. low-risk specialty, graduating from a less vs. more selective medical school, and training at a low vs. higher-ranked teaching hospital increases willingness-to-pay to locate in a reform state by $18 to $24 per hour. We argue that the generally strong human capital-bias in physician sortin...

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