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NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2011Adverse Selection and Incentives in an Early Retirement Program
with Kenneth T. Whelan, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Kevin F. Hallock: w17538
We evaluate potential determinants of enrollment in an early retirement incentive program for non-tenure-track employees of a large university. Using administrative record on the eligible population of employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements, historical employee count and layoff data by budget units, and public information on unit budgets, we find dips in per-employee finance in a budget unit during the application year and higher recent per employee layoffs were associated with increased probabiliites of eligible employee program enrollment. Our results also suggest, on average, that employees whose salaries are lower than we would predict given their personal characteristics and job titles were more likely to enroll in the early retirement program. To the extent that e...

Published: “Adverse Selection and Incentives in Early Retirement Programs” (with K. Whelan, K. Hallock, and R. Seeber) Research in Labor Economics (2012)

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