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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2003Bidding Rings and the Winner's Curse: The Case of Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Auctions
with Ken Hendricks, Guofu Tan: w9836

Published: Hendricks, Ken, Robert Porter, and Guofu Tan. “Bidding Rings and the Winner’s Curse." RAND Journal of Economics 39, 4 (Winter 2008): 1018-1041.

May 2001Empirical Implications of Equilibrium Bidding in First-Price, Symmetric, Common Value Auctions
with Kenneth Hendricks, Joris Pinkse: w8294

Published: Hendricks, Kenneth, Joris Pinkse and Robert H. Porter. "Empirical Implications Of Equilibrium Bidding In First-price, Symmetric, Common Value Auctions," Review of Economic Studies, 2003, v70(1,Jan), 115-145. citation courtesy of

May 1999Patterns of Trade in the Market for Used Durables: Theory and Evidence
with Peter Sattler: w7149

Published: With Kenneth Hendricks, published as "Bidding Behaviour in OCS Drainage Auctions: Theory and Evidence", European Economic Review, Vol. 37, nos. 2/3 (1993): 320-328.

May 1997Ohio School Milk Markets: An Analysis of Bidding
with J. Douglas Zona: w6037

Published: RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 30, no. 2 (Summer 1999): 263-288. citation courtesy of

December 1993Determinants of the Timing and Incidence of Exploratory Drilling on Offshort Wildcat Tracts
with Kenneth Hendricks: w4605

Published: Hendricks, Kenneth and Robert H. Porter. "The Time And Incidence Of Exploratory Drilling On Offshore Wildcat Tracts," American Economic Review, 1996, v86(3,Jun), 388-407.

October 1992The Role of Information in U.S. Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Auctions

Published: Econometrica, January 1995,vol. 63, No. 1, pp. 1-27. citation courtesy of

March 1992Detection of Bid Rigging in Procurement Auctions
with J. Douglas Zona: w4013

Published: Journal of Political Economy, June 1993, vol. 101, no. 3 p. 518-538 citation courtesy of

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