Tsz-Nga Wong

Research Department
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
701 E Byrd St
Richmond, VA 23219

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Institutional Affiliation: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2018An Heterogeneous-Agent New-Monetarist Model with an Application to Unemployment
with Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill: w25220
We develop a New Monetarist model with expenditure and unemployment risks that generates equilibria with non-degenerate distribution of money holdings. Distributional effects can overturn key insights of the model with degenerate distributions, e.g., the value of money depends on the income distribution; a one-time money injection raises aggregate real balances in the short run –price adjustments look sluggish; anticipated inflation can raise output and welfare; there can be a long-run trade-o¤ between inflation and unemployment. Distributional effects also generate a quantitatively significant aggregate demand channel through which transfers financed with money creation can raise employment, and productivity shocks are amplified.

Published: Guillaume Rocheteau & Pierre-Olivier Weill & Tsz-Nga Wong, 2019. "An Heterogeneous-Agent New-Monetarist Model with an Application to Unemployment," Journal of Monetary Economics, .

August 2018Mismatch and Assimilation
with Ping Wang, Chong K. Yip: w24960
Income disparity across countries has been large and widening over time. We develop a tractable model where factor requirements in production technology do not necessarily match a country's factor input profile. Appropriate assimilation of frontier technologies balances such multi-dimensional factor input-technology mismatch, thus mitigating the efficiency loss. This yields a new measure for endogenous TFP, entailing a novel trade-off between a country's income level and income growth that depends critically on the assimilation ability and the factor input mismatch. Our baseline model accounts for 80%-92% of the global income variation over the past 50 years. The widening of mismatch and heterogeneity in the assimilation ability account for 41% and 20% of the global growth variation, where...
December 2015Working through the Distribution: Money in the Short and Long Run
with Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill: w21779
We construct a tractable model of monetary exchange with search and bargaining that features a non- degenerate distribution of money holdings in which one can study the short-run and long-run effects of changes in the money supply. While money is neutral in the long run, a one-time money injection in a centralized market with flexible prices generates an increase in aggregate real balances in the short run, a decrease in the rate of return of money, and a redistribution of consumption levels across agents. The price level in the short run varies in a non-monotonic fashion with the size of the money injection, e.g., small injections can lead to short-run deflation while large injections generate inflation. We extend our model to include employment risk and show that repeated money injection...
May 2015A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-post Heterogeneity
with Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill: w21179
We construct a continuous-time, pure currency economy with the following three key features. First, our modelled economy incorporates idiosyncratic uncertainty—households receive infrequent and random opportunities of lumpy consumption—and displays an endogenous, non-degenerate distribution of money holdings. Second, the model is tractable: properties of equilibria can be obtained analytically, and equilibria can be solved in closed form in a variety of cases. Third, it admits as a special, limiting case the quasi-linear economy of Lagos and Wright (2005) and Rocheteau and Wright (2005). We use our modeled economy to obtain new insights into the effects of anticipated inflation on individual spending behavior, the social benefits and output effects of inflationary transfer schemes, and tra...

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