Peter R. Thingholm

Arhus University
Department of Economics and
Business Economics

E-Mail: pthingholm@econ.au.dk
Institutional Affiliation: Arhus University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2020Physician Health Management Skills and Patient Outcomes
with Emilia Simeonova, Niels Skipper: w26735
A host of different factors affect health and longevity, ranging from genetic endowments to public policy. Physicians have a substantial influence on patients’ health and health-related costs, but we know little about the extent of this influence beyond clinical decisions such as adequate diagnosis and treatment. This paper demonstrates that the health management styles of primary care physicians significantly affect the health outcomes of their patients. Using data on the population of statin users in Denmark and matching patients to their primary care physicians, we show that the physician’s ability to facilitate adherence with prescription medications has significant positive effects on patient outcomes and health costs even after controlling for observable and unobservable patient char...

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