Pei-Ju Liao

Department of Economics
National Taiwan Unversity
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-3366-8371

E-Mail: pjliao@ntu.edu.tw
Institutional Affiliation: National Taiwan Unversity

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020To Stay or to Migrate? When Becker Meets Harris-Todaro
with Ping Wang, Yin-Chi Wang, Chong Kee Yip: w27767
Allowing migration activity as an integral part of demographic transition and economic development, we establish a locational quantity-quality trade-off of children and explore its macroeconomic consequences. We construct a dynamic competitive migration equilibrium framework with rural agents heterogeneous in skills and fertility preferences. We then establish and characterize a mixed migration equilibrium where high-skilled rural agents with low fertility preferences always migrate to cities, low-skilled with high fertility preferences always stay, and only an endogenously determined fraction of high-skilled/high fertility preferences or low-skilled/low fertility preferences ends up moving. By calibrating our model to fit the data from China, we find interesting interactions between ferti...
October 2017Educational Choice, Rural-urban Migration and Economic Development
with Ping Wang, Yin-Chi Wang, Chong Kee Yip: w23939
Observing rapid structural transformation accompanied by a continual process of rural to urban migration in many developing countries, we construct a micro founded dynamic framework to explore how important education-based migration is, as opposed to work-based migration, for economic development, urbanization and city workforce composition. We then calibrate our model to fit the data from China over the period from 1980 to 2007, a developing economy featuring not only large migration flows but major institutional reforms that may affect work and education based migration differently. We find that, although education-based migration only amounts to one-fifth of that of work-based migration, its contribution to the enhancement of per capita output is larger than that of work-based migration...

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