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Department of Economics
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Tel: 401/863-2672

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NBER Program Affiliations: ME , PE
NBER Affiliation: Faculty Research Fellow
Institutional Affiliation: Brown University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2019Beveridgean Unemployment Gap
with Emmanuel Saez: w26474
August 2018Resolving New Keynesian Anomalies with Wealth in the Utility Function
with Emmanuel Saez: w24971
September 2017Pricing when Customers Care about Fairness but Misinfer Markups
with Erik Eyster, Kristof Madarasz: w23778
June 2017Beetles: Biased Promotions and Persistence of False Belief
with George Akerlof: w23523

Published: George A. Akerlof & Pascal Michaillat, 2018. "Persistence of False Paradigms in Low-Power Sciences," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 115 (52), pages 13228-13233.

July 2015The Optimal Use of Government Purchases for Stabilization
with Emmanuel Saez: w21322

Published: Pascal Michaillat & Emmanuel Saez, 2019. "Optimal Public Expenditure with Inefficient Unemployment," Review of Economic Studies, vol. 86 (3), pages 1301–1331.

January 2014An Economical Business-Cycle Model
with Emmanuel Saez: w19777
February 2013Aggregate Demand, Idle Time, and Unemployment
with Emmanuel Saez: w18826

Published: Pascal Michaillat & Emmanuel Saez, 2015. "Aggregate Demand, Idle Time, and Unemployment," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press, vol. 130(2), pages 507-569. citation courtesy of

November 2010A Macroeconomic Theory of Optimal Unemployment Insurance
with Camille Landais, Emmanuel Saez: w16526

Published: Camille Landais & Pascal Michaillat & Emmanuel Saez, 2018. "A Macroeconomic Approach to Optimal Unemployment Insurance: Theory," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol 10(2), pages 152-181.

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