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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2013Leaving Boys Behind: Gender Disparities in High Academic Achievement
with Philip Oreopoulos, Shelley Phipps: w19331

Published: Leaving Boys Behind Gender Disparities in High Academic Achievement Nicole M. Fortin (bio), Philip Oreopoulos (bio) and Shelley Phipps (bio) Journal of Human Resources Volume 50, Number 3, Summer 2015 -- Fiftieth Anniversary citation courtesy of

June 2010Decomposition Methods in Economics
with Thomas Lemieux, Sergio Firpo: w16045

Published: “Decomposition Methods in Economics” (with Sergio Firpo and Nicole Fortin), in D. Card and O. Ashenfelter, eds., Handbook of Labor Economics, 4 th Edition, Elsevier North Holland, 2011, pp. 1-102.

July 2007Unconditional Quantile Regressions
with Sergio Firpo, Thomas Lemieux: t0339

Published: Econometrica Volume 77, Issue 3, pages 953–973, May 2009

October 2000Does Comparable Worth Work in a Decentralized Labor Market?
with Michael Baker: w7937

Published: Baker, Michael and Nicole M. Fortin. "Comparable Worth In A Decentralized Labour Market: The Case Of Ontario," Canadian Journal of Economics, 2004, v37(4,Nov), 850-878.

September 1999Occupational Gender Composition and Wages in Canada: 1987-1988
with Michael Baker: w7371

Published: "Occupational Gender Composition and Wages in Canada: 1987-1988", Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 34, May 2001, 345-376. citation courtesy of

April 1995Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages, 1973-1992: A Semiparametric Approach
with John DiNardo, Thomas Lemieux: w5093

Published: Econometrica, vol.64, no.5, pp.1001-1044, September 1996. citation courtesy of

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