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Institutional Affiliation: The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva Switzerland

NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2016Political Borders and Bank Lending in Post-Crisis America
with Andrew K. Rose: w22806
We use spatial discontinuities associated with congressional district borders to identify the effect of political influences on American banks’ lending. We show that recipients of the 2008 public capital injection program (TARP) increased mortgage and small business lending by 23% to 60% more in areas located inside their home-representative’s district than elsewhere. The impact is stronger if the representative supported the TARP in Congress, was subsequently re-elected, and received more political contributions from the financial industry. Together, these results suggest that political considerations influence credit allocation in a politically mature system like the United States without the formal possibility of political interference in lending decisions, and that this influence is...

Published: Matthieu Chavaz & Andrew K Rose, 2019. "Political Borders and Bank Lending in Post-Crisis America*," Review of Finance, vol 23(5), pages 935-959. citation courtesy of

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