Matthew J. Wiswall

Department of Economics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
NBER Program Affiliations: CH
NBER Affiliation: Research Associate
Institutional Affiliation: University of Wisconsin at Madison

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2020Early Childhood Care and Cognitive Development
with Juan Chaparro, Aaron Sojourner: w26813
The Role of Heterogeneous Risk Preferences, Discount Rates, and Earnings Expectations in College Major Choice
with Arpita Patnaik, Joanna Venator, Basit Zafar: w26785
July 2019Home and School in the Development of Children
with Francesco Agostinelli, Morteza Saharkhiz: w26037
February 2019Actors in the Child Development Process
with Daniela Del Boca, Christopher J. Flinn, Ewout Verriest: w25596
September 2018Labor Market Search With Imperfect Information and Learning
with John J. Conlon, Laura Pilossoph, Basit Zafar: w24988
August 2016Human Capital Investments and Expectations about Career and Family
with Basit Zafar: w22543
July 2016Identification of Dynamic Latent Factor Models: The Implications of Re-Normalization in a Model of Child Development
with Francesco Agostinelli: w22441
Estimating the Technology of Children's Skill Formation
with Francesco Agostinelli: w22442
April 2016Preference for the Workplace, Human Capital, and Gender
with Basit Zafar: w22173
August 2015Making Summer Matter: The Impact of Youth Employment on Academic Performance
with Amy Ellen Schwartz, Jacob Leos-Urbel, Joel McMurry: w21470

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