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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Inequality and the Coronavirus: Socioeconomic Covariates of Behavioral Responses and Viral Outcomes Across US Counties
with Caitlin S. Brown: w27549
Should the Randomistas (Continue to) Rule?
May 2020Can the World’s Poor Protect Themselves from the New Coronavirus?
with Caitlin S. Brown, Dominique van de Walle: w27200
March 2020Unpacking Household Engel Curves
with Philippe De Vreyer, Sylvie Lambert: w26850
December 2019A Market for Work Permits
with Michael Lokshin: w26590
August 2019On Measuring Global Poverty

Published: Martin Ravallion, 2020. "On Measuring Global Poverty," Annual Review of Economics, vol 12(1).

June 2019Food Stamps and America’s Poorest
with Dean Jolliffe, Juan Margitic: w26025
March 2019Is a Decentralized Right-to-Work Policy Feasible?
Ethnic Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia Since 1969
May 2018Social Protection and Economic Development: Are the Poorest Being Lifted-Up or Left-Behind?
with Dean Jolliffe, Juan Margitic: w24665
December 2017Global Inequality when Unequal Countries Create Unequal People

Published: Martin Ravallion, 2019. "Global inequality when unequal countries create unequal people," European Economic Review, vol 111, pages 85-97. citation courtesy of

November 2017Are Poor Individuals Mainly Found in Poor Households? Evidence using Nutrition Data for Africa
with Caitlin S. Brown, Dominique van de Walle: w24047
August 2017Welfare-Consistent Global Poverty Measures
with Shaohua Chen: w23739
December 2016A Poor Means Test? Econometric Targeting in Africa
with Caitlin Brown, Dominique van de Walle: w22919

Published: Caitlin Brown & Martin Ravallion & Dominique van de Walle, 2018. "A poor means test? Econometric targeting in Africa," Journal of Development Economics, . citation courtesy of

February 2016Growth, Urbanization and Poverty Reduction in India
with Gaurav Datt, Rinku Murgai: w21983
January 2016Social Frictions to Knowledge Diffusion: Evidence from an Information Intervention
with Arthur Alik-Lagrange: w21877
July 2015Inequality when Effort Matters

Published: MDPI and ACS Style Ravallion, M. Inequality and Poverty When Effort Matters. Econometrics 2017, 5, 50. doi:10.3390/econometrics5040050

April 2015Benefit Incidence with Incentive Effects, Measurement Errors and Latent Heterogeneity: A Case Study for China
with Shaohua Chen: w21111

Published: Ravallion, Martin & Chen, Shaohua, 2015. "Benefit incidence with incentive effects, measurement errors and latent heterogeneity: A case study for China," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 128(C), pages 124-132. citation courtesy of

March 2015Inconsistent Policy Evaluation: A Case Study for a Large Workfare Program
with Arthur Alik-Lagrange: w21041
December 2014Are the World’s Poorest Being Left Behind?

Published: Martin Ravallion, 2016. "Are the world’s poorest being left behind?," Journal of Economic Growth, vol 21(2), pages 139-164. citation courtesy of

October 2014Trade Insulation as Social Protection
with Quy-Toan Do, Andrei A. Levchenko
in The Economics of Food Price Volatility, Jean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, and Brian D. Wright, editors
July 2014An Exploration of the International Comparison Program's New Global Economic Landscape
July 2013The Idea of Antipoverty Policy

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