Martin Bijsterbosch


E-Mail: martin.bijsterbosch@ecb.europa.eu
Institutional Affiliation: European Central Bank

NBER Working Papers and Publications

January 2015Domestic and Multilateral Effects of Capital Controls in Emerging Markets
with Gurnain Pasricha, Matteo Falagiarda, Joshua Aizenman: w20822
Using a novel, high frequency dataset on capital control actions in 16 emerging market economies (EMEs) from 2001 to 2012, we provide new insights into the domestic and multilateral effects of capital controls. Increases in capital account openness reduce monetary policy autonomy and increase exchange rate stability, confirming the constraints of the monetary policy trilemma. Both gross in- and outflows rise, while the effect on net capital flows is ambiguous. Tighter capital inflow restrictions generated significant spillovers, especially in the post-2008 environment of abundant global liquidity. We also find evidence of a domestic policy response to foreign capital control changes in countries that are affected by these spillovers.

Published: Gurnain Kaur Pasricha & Matteo Falagiarda & Martin Bijsterbosch & Joshua Aizenman, 2018. "Domestic and Multilateral Effects of Capital Controls in Emerging Markets," Journal of International Economics, . citation courtesy of

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