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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2001Do We Have A New E-Conomy?
with Robert Lawrence: w8243


  • American Economic Review (American Economic Association) May 2001
  • Martin Neil Baily & Robert Z. Lawrence, 2001. "Do We Have a New E-conomy?," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 91(2), pages 308-312, May. citation courtesy of

January 2001Service Sector Productivity Comparisons: Lessons for Measurement
with Eric Zitzewitz
in New Developments in Productivity Analysis, Charles R. Hulten, Edwin R. Dean and Michael J. Harper, editors
March 1996Labor Productivity: Structural Change and Cyclical Dynamics
with Eric J. Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger: w5503

Published: Baily, Martin Neil, Eric J. Bartelsman and John Haltiwanger. "Labor Productivity: Structural Change And The Cyclical Dynamics," Review of Economics and Statistics, 2001, v83(3,Aug), 420-433. citation courtesy of

May 1994Downsizing and Productivity Growth: Myth or Reality?
with Eric J. Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger: w4741

Published: Small Business Economics, Vol. 8, no. 4 (August 1996): pp. 259-278. citation courtesy of

February 1991The Productivity of Capital in a Period of Slower Growth
with Charles L. Schultze: r1523

Published: Baily, Martin Neil, Charles L. Schultze, Dale W. Jorgenson and Robert E. Hall. "The Productivity of Capital in a Period of Slower Growth" Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Microeconomics 1990, edited by Martin Neil Baily and Clifford Winston, pp. 369-406 and 416-420.

June 1989The Productivity Slowdown, Measurement Issues, and the Explosion of Computer Power
with Robert J. Gordon: r1199

Published: Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 347-420, (1988).

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