Mark P. Taylor

Office of the Dean
Warwick Business School
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
Institutional Affiliation: University of Warwick

NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2009Real Variables, Nonlinearity, and European Real Exchange Rates
with Hyeyoen Kim
in NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2008, Jeffrey Frankel and Christopher Pissarides, organizers
May 2007Are There Thresholds of Current Account Adjustment in the G7?
with Richard H. Clarida, Manuela Goretti
in G7 Current Account Imbalances: Sustainability and Adjustment, Richard H. Clarida, editor
May 2006Are There Thresholds of Current Account Adjustment in the G7?
with Richard H. Clarida, Manuela Goretti: w12193

Published: Clarida, Richard H. (ed.) G7 Current Account Imbalances: Sustainability and Adjustment (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report). Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007.

July 2004The Purchasing Power Parity Debate
with Alan M. Taylor: w10607

Published: Taylor, Alan M. and Mark P. Taylor. "The Purchasing Power Parity Debate," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2004, v18(4,Fall), 135-158. citation courtesy of

November 2001The Out-of-Sample Success of Term Structure Models as Exchange Rate Predictors: A Step Beyond
with Richard Clarida, Lucio Sarno, Giorgio Valente: w8601

Published: Clarida, Richard H. & Sarno, Lucio & Taylor, Mark P. & Valente, Giorgio, 2003. "The out-of-sample success of term structure models as exchange rate predictors: a step beyond," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 60(1), pages 61-83, May. citation courtesy of

January 1996Exchange Rate Economics: What's Wrong with the Conventional Macro Approach?
with Robert P. Flood
in The Microstructure of Foreign Exchange Markets, Jeffrey A. Frankel, Giampaolo Galli, Alberto Giovannini, editors
August 1993The Term Structure of Forward Exchange Premia and the Forecastibility of Spot Exchange Rates: Correcting the Errors
with Richard H. Clarida: w4442

Published: Review of Economics and Statistics, LXXIX (August 1997).

October 1992Exchange Rates, Country Preferences, and Gold
with Michael Dooley, Peter Isard: w4183

Published: Published as "Exchange Rates, Country-Specific Shocks, and Gold", AFE, Vol. 5, no. 3 (1995): 121-129.

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