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Mark H. Showalter
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NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 1991Rail Costs and Capital Adjustments in a Quasi-Regulated Environment
with Ann F. Friedlaender, Ernst R. Berndt, Judy Shaw-Er Wang Chiang, Christopher A. Vellturo: w3841
This paper reports on results obtained from the estimation of a rail cost function using a pooled-time series, cross section of Class I railroads for the period 1974-1986. An analysis is performed of short-run and long-run returns to scale, the extent of capital disequilibrium, and adjustments to way and structures capital in the heavily regulated and quasi-regulated environments before and after the passage of the Staggers Act in 1980. In general, it is found that there is considerable overcapitalization in the rail industry and that this has persisted in spite of the regulatory freedom provided by the Staggers Act.

Published: Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, vol. 27, no.2 May 1993, pp. 131- 152

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