Luis Omar Herrera Prada

International Monetary Fund
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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2017Premium or Penalty? Labor Market Returns to Novice Public Sector Teachers
with Juan Saavedra, Dario Maldonado, Lucrecia Santibanez: w24012
It is unclear whether public sector teachers are under or overpaid relative to other occupations due to lack of knowledge about teachers’ outside labor market options and other unobserved attributes related to compensation. We estimate causal labor market returns to novice public teachers in Colombia. Our approach takes advantage of a national, standardized, teacher-screening exam, scores on which determine eligibility for public teaching jobs. We use four nationwide administrative data sources in a regression discontinuity approach to show that applicants who marginally pass the teacher screening test have greater annual earnings during the first three years of tenure than applicants below the passing cutoff. The total earnings effect is a combination of higher daily wages and greater lab...
April 2017Do Payroll Tax Breaks Stimulate Formality? Evidence from Colombia’s Reform
with Adriana Kugler, Maurice Kugler: w23308
Alternative work arrangements have grown rapidly around the world. In Latin America, these alternative work arrangements have long been part of the labor market and have continued to grow. The informal sector grew rapidly in Latin America over the past few decades comprising up to half of the working population in many countries. Some attribute the growth in alternative work arrangements and informality to regulations and taxes, while others argue that it is precisely the lack of enforcement of regulations that allows unprotected employment arrangements to flourish. We examine whether reducing taxes associated with employment stimulates formal sector employment. We exploit the fact that the Tax Reform introduced in Colombia in 2012 affected only certain types of workers and not others. In ...

Published: Adriana D. Kugler & Maurice D. Kugler & Luis O. Herrera-Prada, 2017. "Do Payroll Tax Breaks Stimulate Formality? Evidence from Colombia’s Reform," ECONOMIA JOURNAL OF THE LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, ECONOMIA JOURNAL OF THE LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, vol. 0(Fall 2017), pages 3-40, November. citation courtesy of

October 2015Long-Term Educational Consequences of Vocational Training in Colombia: Impacts on Young Trainees and Their Relatives
with Adriana Kugler, Maurice Kugler, Juan Saavedra: w21607
We use administrative data and a randomization design to examine the long-term educational impacts of a large-scale vocational training program for disadvantaged youth in Colombia on trainees and their relatives. Up to eleven years after randomization, trainees were more likely to enroll in formal tertiary education, and their relatives more likely to complete secondary schooling. Various empirical tests suggest that, for females, vocational training helped relax credit constraints stemming from the direct costs of tertiary education. For males, the evidence suggests that additional tertiary education investments arise from the program improving field-specific knowledge and/or information about field-specific returns to tertiary education. Focusing only on labor-market outcomes and not acc...

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