Leila Agha

Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
6106 Rockefeller Hall
Hanover, NH 03755

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NBER Affiliation: Faculty Research Fellow
Institutional Affiliation: Dartmouth College

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2020Insurance Design and Pharmaceutical Innovation
with Soomi Kim, Danielle Li: w27563
Mastering the Art of Cookbook Medicine: Machine Learning, Randomized Trials, and Misallocation
with Jason Abaluck, David C. Chan Jr, Daniel Singer, Diana Zhu: w27467
October 2019Drug Diffusion Through Peer Networks: The Influence of Industry Payments
with Dan Zeltzer: w26338
February 2018Team Formation and Performance: Evidence from Healthcare Referral Networks
with Keith Marzilli Ericson, Kimberley H. Geissler, James B. Rebitzer: w24338
January 2017Fragmented Division of Labor and Healthcare Costs: Evidence from Moves Across Regions
with Brigham Frandsen, James B. Rebitzer: w23078

Published: Leila Agha & Brigham Frandsen & James B. Rebitzer, 2019. "Fragmented division of labor and healthcare costs: Evidence from moves across regions," Journal of Public Economics, vol 169, pages 144-159. citation courtesy of

January 2015The Local Influence of Pioneer Investigators on Technology Adoption: Evidence from New Cancer Drugs
with David Molitor: w20878

Published: Leila Agha & David Molitor, 2018. "The Local Influence of Pioneer Investigators on Technology Adoption: Evidence from New Cancer Drugs," The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 100(1), pages 29-44.

March 2014Negative Tests and the Efficiency of Medical Care: What Determines Heterogeneity in Imaging Behavior?
with Jason Abaluck, Christopher Kabrhel, Ali Raja, Arjun Venkatesh: w19956

Published: Abaluck, Jason, Leila Agha, Chris Kabrhel, Ali Raja, and Arjun Venkatesh. 2016. "The Determinants of Productivity in Medical Testing: Intensity and Allocation of Care." American Economic Review, 106 (12): 3730-64.

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