Kelsey Jack

University of California, Santa Barbara
2400 Bren Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5131

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
NBER Program Affiliations: DEV , EEE
NBER Affiliation: Research Associate
Institutional Affiliation: University of California at Santa Barbara

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2019Poverty, Seasonal Scarcity and Exchange Asymmetries
with Dietmar Fehr, Günther Fink: w26357
April 2018Seasonal Liquidity, Rural Labor Markets and Agricultural Production
with Günther Fink, Felix Masiye: w24564
January 2018Environmental Externalities and Free-riding in the Household
with Seema Jayachandran, Sarojini Rao: w24192
December 2016Charging Ahead: Prepaid Electricity Metering in South Africa
with Grant Smith: w22895
July 2015Technology Adoption Under Uncertainty: Take-Up and Subsequent Investment in Zambia
with Paulina Oliva, Christopher Severen, Elizabeth Walker, Samuel Bell: w21414
June 2014Seasonal Credit Constraints and Agricultural Labor Supply: Evidence from Zambia
with Günther Fink, Felix Masiye: w20218
January 2014Incentives, Selection and Productivity in Labor Markets: Evidence from Rural Malawi
with Raymond P. Guiteras: w19825
September 2013Envirodevonomics: A Research Agenda for a Young Field
with Michael Greenstone: w19426

Published: Greenstone, Michael, and B. Kelsey Jack. 2015. "Envirodevonomics: A Research Agenda for an Emerging Field." Journal of Economic Literature, 53(1): 5-42.

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