Kara Voss

University of California San Diego
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
8622 Kennel Way
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Institutional Affiliation: UCSD Scripps

NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2019Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Saharan Dust
with Sam Heft-Neal, Jennifer Burney, Eran Bendavid, Marshall Burke: w26107
Accurate estimation of air quality impacts on health outcomes is critical for guiding policy choices to mitigate such damages. Estimation poses an empirical challenge, however, because local economic activity can simultaneously generate changes in both air quality and in health impacts that are independent of air quality, confounding pollution-health estimates. To address this challenge, we leverage plausibly exogenous variation in local particulate matter exposure across sub-Saharan Africa due to dust export from the Bodele Depression, a remote Saharan region responsible for a substantial share of global atmospheric dust. Large scale transport of this dust is uncorrelated with local emissions sources and allows us to isolate the causal impact of air quality on infant mortality across Sub-...

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