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March 2012Should Aid Reward Performance? Evidence from a Field Experiment on Health and Education in Indonesia
with Benjamin A. Olken, Susan Wong: w17892
This paper reports an experiment in over 3,000 Indonesian villages designed to test the role of performance incentives in improving the efficacy of aid programs. Villages in a randomly-chosen one-third of subdistricts received a block grant to improve 12 maternal and child health and education indicators, with the size of the subsequent year's block grant depending on performance relative to other villages in the subdistrict. Villages in remaining subdistricts were randomly assigned to either an otherwise identical block grant program with no financial link to performance, or to a pure control group. We find that the incentivized villages performed better on health than the non-incentivized villages, particularly in less developed areas, but found no impact of incentives on education. We f...

Published: “Should Aid Reward Performance? Evidence from a field experiment on health and education in Indonesia” (with Junko Onishi and Susan Wong). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol. 6, no. 4, October 2014 (pp. 1-34).

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