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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2019Government Expenditure on the Public Education System
with Chao Fu, Shoya Ishimaru: w26425
January 2017Open Borders in the European Union and Beyond: Migration Flows and Labor Market Implications
April 2015Spatial Variation in Higher Education Financing and the Supply of College Graduates
August 2012Open Borders

Published: John Kennan, 2013. "Open Borders," Review of Economic Dynamics, Elsevier for the Society for Economic Dynamics, vol. 16(2), pages L1-L13, April. citation courtesy of

August 2007Coalition-Proof Trade and the Friedman Rule in the Lagos-Wright Model
with Tai-wei Hu, Neil Wallace: w13310

Published: Tai-wei Hu & John Kennan & Neil Wallace, 2009. "Coalition-Proof Trade and the Friedman Rule in the Lagos-Wright Model," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 117(1), pages 116-137, 02. citation courtesy of

January 2006Private Information, Wage Bargaining and Employment Fluctuations

Published: "Private Information, Wage Bargaining and Employment Fluctuations," Review of Economic Studies, 77, April 2010, 633-664. citation courtesy of

March 2003The Effect of Expected Income on Individual Migration Decisions
with James R. Walker: w9585

Published: “The Effect of Expected Income on Individual Migration Decisions” (with James R. Walker), Econometrica 79 (1), January 2011, 211-251 citation courtesy of

November 1999Optimal Monetary Impulse-Response Functions in a Matching Model
with Brett Katzman, Neil Wallace: w7425

Published: “Output and Price Level Effects of Monetary Uncertainty in a Matching Model,” (with Brett Katzman and Neil Wallace), Journal of Economic Theory, 108(2), February 2003, 217-255.

1988Equilibrium Interpretations of Employment and Real Wage Fluctuations
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1988, Volume 3, Stanley Fischer, editor

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