Ivan J. Rudik

Cornell University
Dyson School of Applied Economics
and Management
SC Johnson College of Business
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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Institutional Affiliation: Cornell University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Conservation Co-Benefits from Air Pollution Regulation: Evidence from Birds
with Yuanning Liang, Eric Zou, Alison Johnston, Amanda D. Rodewald, Catherine L. Kling: w27415
Massive wildlife losses over the past 50 years have brought new urgency to identifying both the drivers of population decline and potential solutions. We provide the first large-scale evidence that air pollution, specifically ozone, is associated with declines in bird abundance in the United States. We show that an air pollution regulation limiting ozone precursors emissions has delivered substantial benefits to bird conservation. Our estimates imply that air quality improvements over the past four decades have stemmed the decline in bird populations, averting the loss of 1.5 billion birds, approximately 20 percent of current totals. Our results highlight that in addition to protecting human health, air pollution regulations have previously unrecognized and unquantified conservation co-ben...
December 2017Costs of Inefficient Regulation: Evidence from the Bakken
with Gabriel E. Lade: w24139
Efficient pollution regulation equalizes marginal abatement costs across sources. Here we study a new flaring regulation in North Dakota's oil and gas industry and document its efficiency. Exploiting detailed well-level data, we find that the regulation reduced flaring 4 to 7 percentage points and accounts for up to half of the observed flaring reductions since 2015. We construct firm-level marginal flaring abatement cost curves and find that the observed flaring reductions could have been achieved at 20% lower cost by imposing a tax on flared gas equal to current public lands royalty rates instead of using firm-specific flaring requirements.

Published: Gabriel E. Lade & Ivan Rudik, 2020. "Costs of inefficient regulation: Evidence from the bakken," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, .

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