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Institutional Affiliation: Statistics Netherlands

NBER Working Papers and Publications

December 2012Concording EU Trade and Production Data over Time
with Andrew B. Bernard, Hylke Vandenbussche: w18604
This paper provides concordance procedures for product-level trade and production data in the EU and examines the implications of changing product classifications on measured product adding and dropping at Belgian firms. Using the algorithms developed by Pierce and Schott (2012a,b), the paper develops concordance procedures that allow researchers to trace changes in coding systems over time and to translate product-level production and trade data into a common classification that is consistent both within a single year and over time. Separate procedures are created for the eight-digit Combined Nomenclature system used to classify international trade activities at the product level within the European Union as well as for the eight-digit Prodcom categories used to classify products in Europ...
July 2012Carry-Along Trade
with Andrew B. Bernard, Emily J. Blanchard, Hylke Y. Vandenbussche: w18246
Large multi-product firms dominate international trade flows. This paper documents new facts about multi-product manufacturing exporters that are not easily reconciled with existing multi-product models. Using novel linked production and export data at the firm-product level, we find that the overwhelming majority of manufacturing firms export products that they do not produce. Three quarters of the exported products and thirty percent of export value from Belgian manufacturers are in goods that are not produced by the firm, so-called Carry-Along Trade (CAT). The number of CAT products is strongly increasing in firm productivity while the number of produced products that are exported is weakly increasing in firm productivity. We propose a general model of production and sourcing at multi...

Published: Andrew B Bernard & Emily J Blanchard & Ilke Van Beveren & Hylke Vandenbussche, 2019. "Carry-Along Trade," The Review of Economic Studies, vol 86(2), pages 526-563.

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