Miguel A. Delgado Helleseter

Economics Program
California State University Channel Islands
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Camarillo, CA 93012 USA

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April 2016The Age Twist in Employers’ Gender Requests: Evidence from Four Job Boards
with Peter Kuhn, Kailing Shen: w22187
When permitted by law, employers sometimes state the preferred age and gender of their employees in job ads. We study the interaction of advertised requests for age and gender on one Mexican and three Chinese job boards, showing that firms’ explicit gender requests shift dramatically away from women and towards men when firms are seeking older (as opposed to younger) workers. This ‘age twist’ in advertised gender preferences occurs in all four of our datasets and survives controls for occupation, firm, and job title fixed effects. Together, observed characteristics of job ads (including the job title) can account for 65 percent of the twist; within this ‘explained’ component, just three factors: employers’ requests for older men in managerial positions, and for young women in customer co...

Published: Miguel Delgado Helleseter & Peter Kuhn & Kailing Shen, 2020. "The Age Twist in Employers’ Gender Requests," Journal of Human Resources, vol 55(2), pages 428-469.

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