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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2018The Effects of Home Health Visit Length on Hospital Readmission
with Elena Andreyeva, Hummy Song: w24566
Physicians’ Financial Incentives to Personalize Medicine
with David H. Howard, Jason Hockenberry
in Economic Dimensions of Personalized and Precision Medicine, Ernst R. Berndt, Dana P. Goldman, and John W. Rowe, editor
November 2017Personalized Medicine When Physicians Induce Demand
with David H. Howard, Jason Hockenberry: w24054
February 2017Antitrust Treatment of Nonprofits: Should Hospitals Receive Special Care?
with Cory Capps, Dennis W. Carlton: w23131

Published: Cory S. Capps & Dennis W. Carlton & Guy David, 2020. "ANTITRUST TREATMENT OF NONPROFITS: SHOULD HOSPITALS RECEIVE SPECIAL CARE?," Economic Inquiry, vol 58(3), pages 1183-1199.

July 2016The Inner Workings of the Patient Centered Medical Home Model
with Philip A. Saynisch, Aaron Smith-McLallen: w22429
April 2016Selective Hearing: Physician-Ownership and Physicians' Response to New Evidence
with David H. Howard, Jason Hockenberry: w22171

Published: David H. Howard & Guy David & Jason Hockenberry, 2016. "Selective Hearing: Physician-Ownership and Physicians’ Response to New Evidence," Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, . citation courtesy of

September 2011Integration and Task Allocation: Evidence from Patient Care
with Evan Rawley, Daniel Polsky: w17419

Published: Guy David & Evan Rawley & Daniel Polsky, 2013. "Integration and Task Allocation: Evidence from Patient Care," Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, vol 22(3), pages 617-639.

August 2011Do Hospitals Cross Subsidize?
with Richard Lindrooth, Lorens A. Helmchen, Lawton R. Burns: w17300

Published: David, Guy & Lindrooth, Richard C. & Helmchen, Lorens A. & Burns, Lawton R., 2014. "Do hospitals cross-subsidize?," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 37(C), pages 198-218. citation courtesy of

June 2011Side Effects of Competition: the Role of Advertising and Promotion in Pharmaceutical Markets
with Sara Markowitz: w17162
September 2010The Effect of Shift Structure on Performance: The Role of Fatigue for Paramedics
with Tanguy Brachet, Reena Duseja: w16418

Published: Tanguy Brachet & Guy David & Andrea M Drechsler, 2012. "The Effect of Shift Structure on Performance," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 4(2), pages 219-246.

January 2009The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation
with Sara Markowitz, Seth Richards: w14634

Published: Guy David & Sara Markowitz & Seth Richards-Shubik, 2010. "The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Association, vol. 2(4), pages 1-25, November. citation courtesy of

January 2003Theories of Firm Behavior in the Nonprofit Sector. A Synthesis and Empirical Evaluation
with Anup Malani, Tomas Philipson
in The Governance of Not-for-Profit Organizations, Edward L. Glaeser, editor

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