Emmanuel Duguet

No contact information is available for this researcher. Institutional Affiliation: University of Paris

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August 1998Research, Innovation, and Productivity: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level
with Bruno Crepon, Jacques Mairesse: w6696
This paper studies the links between productivity, innovation and research at th level. We introduce three new features: (i) A structural model that explains pro by innovation output, and innovation output by research investment; (ii) New dat manufacturing firms, including the number of European patents and the percentage sales, as well as firm-level demand pull and technology push indicators; (iii) E which correct for selectivity and simultaneity biases and take into account the features of the available data: only a small proportion of firms engage in resea apply for patents; productivity, innovation and research are endogenously determ investment and capital are truncated variables, patents are count data and innov We find that using the more widespread methods, and the more usual data ...

Published: Crepon, Bruno, Emmanuel Duguet, and Jacques Mairesse. "Research, Innovation and Productivity: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level." Economics of Innovation and New Technology 7, 2 (1998): 115-58. citation courtesy of

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