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October 1976Economics of Marital Instability
with Gary S. Becker, Robert T. Michael: w0153
This paper focuses on the causes of divorce. Section I developsa theoretical analysis of marital dissolution incorporating uncertaintyabout the outcomes of marital decisions into a framework of utilitymaximization and the marriage market. Section II explores the implica-tions of the theoretical analysis with cross-sectional data,primarilythe 1967 Survey of Economic Opportunity and the Terman sample. Therelevance of both the theoretical and empirical analyses in explainingthe recent acceleration in the U.S. divorce rate is discussed.

Published: Becker, Gary S., Elisabeth M. Landes, and Robert T. Michael. " An Economic Analysis of Marital Instability." Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 85, No . 6, (December 1977), pp. 1141-1187.

1974Male-Female Differences in Wages and Employment: A Specific Human Capital Model
This paper analyzes the effects of differential turnover patterns and the existence of firm specific training, jointly financed by employer and employee, on male-female wage and employment differentials. Chapter 1 introduces the topic of sex differences in occupational distribution and compensation and presents some of the more common economic theories which are relevant to the subject. Chapter 2 presents a model of a firm that invests in the training of its workers, where employee turnover represents depreciation on human capital. Differences in the turnover rates of men and women is shown to be an important determinant of the incentive to the employer to hire and train women as well as men. The empirical implications of the model for the relative wage and occupational distribution of wo...

Published: Landes, Elisabeth M. "Sex-Differences In Wages And Employment: A Test Of The Specific Capital Hypothesis," Economic Inquiry, 1977, v15(4), 523-538.

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