Eleonora Patacchini

Department of Economics
Cornell University
430 Uris Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

E-Mail: EmailAddress: hidden: you can email any NBER-related person as first underscore last at nber dot org
Institutional Affiliations: Cornell University and CEPR

NBER Working Papers and Publications

September 2020Abstentions and Social Networks in Congress
with Marco Battaglini, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza: w27822
July 2020A Graphical Lasso Approach to Estimating Network Connections: The Case of U.S. Lawmakers
with Marco Battaglini, Forrest W. Crawford, Sida Peng: w27557
February 2020Social Groups and the Effectiveness of Protests
with Marco Battaglini, Rebecca B. Morton: w26757
January 2020Professional Interactions and Hiring Decisions: Evidence from the Federal Judiciary
with Marco Battaglini, Jorgen M. Harris: w26726
September 2019Dynamic Social Interactions and Health Risk Behavior
with Tiziano Arduini, Alberto Bisin, Onur Özgür: w26223
June 2019Endogenous Social Connections in Legislatures
with Marco Battaglini, Edoardo Rainone: w25988
May 2019Information, Mobile Communication, and Referral Effects
with Panle Jia Barwick, Yanyan Liu, Qi Wu: w25873
Hurricanes, Climate Change Policies and Electoral Accountability
with Stefano Gagliarducci, M. Daniele Paserman: w25835
April 2019Girls, Boys, and High Achievers
with Angela Cools, Raquel Fernández: w25763
Tax Professionals: Tax-Evasion Facilitators or Information Hubs?
with Marco Battaglini, Luigi Guiso, Chiara Lacava: w25745
March 2018Effectiveness of Connected Legislators
with Marco Battaglini, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza: w24442
October 2016Influencing Connected Legislators
with Marco Battaglini: w22739

Published: Marco Battaglini & Eleonora Patacchini, 2018. "Influencing Connected Legislators," Journal of Political Economy, vol 126(6), pages 2277-2322.

November 2013Mothers, Friends and Gender Identity
with Claudia Olivetti, Yves Zenou: w19610
October 2010Bend It Like Beckham: Ethnic Identity and Integration
with Alberto Bisin, Thierry Verdier, Yves Zenou: w16465

Published: Alberto Bisin & Eleonora Patacchini & Thierry Verdier & Yves Zenou, 2016. "Bend it like Beckham: Ethnic identity and integration," European Economic Review, . citation courtesy of

National Bureau of Economic Research
1050 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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