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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2018Effects of Expanding Health Screening on Treatment - What Should We Expect? What Can We Learn?
with Rebecca Mary Myerson, Darius Lakdawalla, Lisandro D. Colantonio, Monika Safford: w24347
October 2013Redesigning Care for Patients at Increased Hospitalization Risk: The Comprehensive Care Physician Model
with Greg W. Ruhnke
in Hospital Organization and Productivity, Amitabh Chandra, David M. Cutler, Robert S. Huckman, and Elizabeth Martinez, organizers
April 2011The Impact of Minimum Wage Rates on Body Weight in the United States
with Zhuo Chen
in Economic Aspects of Obesity, Michael Grossman and Naci H. Mocan, editors
May 2010Coordination, Switching Costs and the Division of Labor in General Medicine: An Economic Explanation for the Emergence of Hospitalists in the United States
with Jeanette W. Chung: w16040
November 2009The Impact of Minimum Wage Rates on Body Weight in the United States
with Zhuo Chen: w15485
January 2002Effects of Competition Under Prospective Payment on Hospital Costs Among High- and Low-Cost Admissions: Evidence from California, 1983 and 1993
with Jeanette Chung
in Frontiers in Health Policy Research, Volume 5, Alan M. Garber, editor
January 2001Effects of Competition under Prospective Payment on Hospital Costs among High and Low Cost Admissions: Evidence from California, 1983 - 1993
with Jeanette Chung: w8069


Theoretical Foundations of Medical Cost-Effectiveness Analysis -- Implications for the Measurement of Benefits and Costs of Medical Interventions
in Medical Care Output and Productivity, David M. Cutler and Ernst R. Berndt, editors
January 2000Implications of Managed Care for Teaching Hospitals Comparisons of Traditional and Managed Care Medical Services within a Single Institution
with Frederick L. Hiltz, David S. Bates
in The Changing Hospital Industry: Comparing Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Institutions, David M. Cutler, editor
February 1997Accounting for Future Costs in Medical Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Published: Journal of Health Economics, Vol.16, no.1 (1997): 33-64.

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