Danny Quah

National University of Singapore
School of Public Policy

E-Mail: D.Quah@nus.edu.sg
Institutional Affiliation: NUS

NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 1998The New Empirics of Economic Growth
with Steven N. Durlauf: w6422

Published: Durlauf, Steven N. & Quah, Danny T., 1999. "The new empirics of economic growth," Handbook of Macroeconomics, in: J. B. Taylor & M. Woodford (ed.), Handbook of Macroeconomics, edition 1, volume 1, chapter 4, pages 235-308 Elsevier.

January 1993A Dynamic Index Model for Large Cross Sections
with Thomas J. Sargent
in Business Cycles, Indicators, and Forecasting, James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson, editors
June 1991The Relative Importance of Permanent and Transitory Components: Identi- fication and Some Theoretical Bounds
January 1991Permanent and Transitory Movements in Labor Income: An Explanation for "Excess Smoothness" in Consumption

Published: Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 98, No. 3, pp. 449-475, (1990).

September 1989Estimation and Hypothesis Testing with Restricted Spectral Density Matrices: An Application to Uncovered Interest Parity
with Takatoshi Ito: t0050

Published: "Hypothesis Testing with Restricted Spectral Density Matrices, with an Application to Uncovered Interest Parity" From International Economic Review, Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 203-215, (February 1989).

October 1988The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances
with Olivier Jean Blanchard: w2737

Published: The American Economic Review, Vol. 79, No. 4, pp. 655-673, (September 1989) citation courtesy of

December 1987What Do We Learn from Unit Roots in Macroeconomic Time Series?

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