Ching-Chong Lai

Institute of Economics
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan

E-Mail: cclai@econ.sinica.edu.tw
Institutional Affiliation: Academia Sinica

NBER Working Papers and Publications

October 2017A Tale of Two Cities: Cross-Border Casino Competition Between Detroit and Windsor
with Juin-Jen Chang, Ping Wang: w23969
We develop a framework to study analytically and quantitatively relentless cross-border casino competition with social-disorder and income-creation externalities. Two bordering casinos compete with each other for the external source of demand of recreational and problem gamblers from the neighboring city and the two city governments set their optimal casino revenue tax and gambler tax surcharge to maximize social welfare. We show that cross-border casino gambling makes aggregate casino demand more elastic despite the addictive nature of gambling. While a lower commuting cost favors a cross-border casino in a city with a weaker taste for gambling, the positive scale effect of its own population may be offset by a negative effect on cross-border gambling. By calibrating the model to fit the ...

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